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Health Clinic Administrator

General Summary

The Clinic Administrator is the leader of the organization, establishing a vision for the Nisqually
Tribal Health and Wellness Center that is achieved through the efforts of a diverse team of high-
performing leaders, staff, and volunteers alike. The Clinic Administrator leverages the power of
relationships and networks, and works across tribal, public, and private entities to improve the
health of the Nisqually Tribal community. The Clinic Administrator possesses a high level of broad
business management skills and is effective at generating resources and financial support for the
organization. The Clinic Administrator is dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the
common good – creating, resourcing, scaling, and leveraging strategies for broad investment and
impact in the Nisqually Tribal community. The Clinic Administrator reports to the Board of Health
and CEO of Tribal Government.

Primary Responsibilities

Primary responsibilities are the basic job duties that an employee must be able to perform.
This list of responsibilities is intended to be representative of the duties performed within this
classification. The omission of a function does not preclude management from assigning duties
not listed if such duties relate to the position.

Community Impact

The Clinic Administrator is responsible for the overall impact of the Nisqually Tribal Health
Center on the tribal community, with particular emphasis on increasing its capacity to drive the
impact agenda. The Clinic Administrator works closely with the Health Board, Tribal
Government CEO, and Tribal Council to craft and adapt the strategy to achieve this increased
impact. S/he will establish and build relationships with top leaders in the community, including
those representing the highest levels in the tribe, business, and government.

Resource Development

The Clinic Administrator is responsible for leading innovative growth and financial sustainability
of the Health Center. S/he has fiduciary responsibility for ensuring the Health Center has the
resources it needs. The Clinic Administrator is responsible for overseeing the Health Center
budget and ensuring accurate projections of revenue and expenditures and recommend
budgets to accomplish short and long-term goals.

Strategic Management

The Clinic Administrator serves as the principal resource to the Board of Health and Tribal
Council and gives strong direction in policy formulation and interpretation. S/he partners with
the Board and Senior Leadership team to craft organizational goals and develops strategies to
ensure that they are achieved. S/he ensures coordination and alignment of all Health Center
activities to strategic direction in the areas of community impact, resource development and
staff alignment.

Organization Management

The Clinic Administrator is accountable for building and leading high-performing teams,
ensuring all teams are aligned and collaborative to achieve results. S/he maintains
accountability for the operational and fiscal integrity of the Health Center within policies set by
the Health Board. The Clinic Administrator assesses organizational capacity to implement
strategies and identify gaps in systems and staffing; directly supervises Senior Leadership
positions and establishes individual goals; collaborates with the Chief Financial Officer to
manage organizational spending, monitor budget, compliance, and mitigate financial risks; and ensures that the goals of inclusiveness and diversity among staff and volunteers are met.


  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from a four-year accredited college or university plus 7 to 10 years of experience in the successful supervision and leadership of senior level executives, preferably with a tribal organization.
  • Must have proven leadership skills, including team building, consensus building and conflict management, including the ability to motivate and inspire performance in senior management.
  • Extensive senior strategic leadership experience in the management of organizations of comparable size.
  • Must have an understanding of Indian self-governance and Tribal Sovereignty


This position directly supervises staff under the organizational chart.


  • Possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the primary responsibilities of the position.
  • Must demonstrate a high level of intelligence and intellectual curiosity and a desire to explore innovative ideas and innovative approaches to solving problems.
  • Unquestioned integrity, a long-term perspective; a powerful sense of accountability; practical ability to get things done; wisdom and good judgement; a fair and thought approach to management, combined with the flexibility and courage to shift direction and experiment with new initiatives; excellent verbal and written communication skills; a high energy level and sense of humor.

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