Native American Tribes

Staffing Experts on National and Local Levels

Over the past 10 years, APN Staffing and Employment Solutions has branched into a third niche – helping tribal communities find qualified staff. At APN, we work for many government and tribal entities across the US, working at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels. We contract with many tribal nations, including self-governing tribes, to staff and recruit permanent placements, contract staffing and temp-to-perm staff in the healthcare space.

We make it our job to understand each community’s needs and to find them people that match those needs. But those needs look different to each community. Some communities require a high volume of people for a temporary project, like COVID vaccine clinics. Other tribes may need reliable, entry-level employees for job that simply just needs to get done. Today’s tribal HR departments are so busy that adding these additional projects onto their desks is just not feasible. When a C-level leader leaves, and the organization needs to quickly identify and attract a new leader, APN can also fill this need with our executive search program.

We can help you, and here’s how.

Recruiting Experienced Staff to Rural Communities
In this day in age, if you’re new to recruiting, finding someone to work a position located in a large, metropolitan city can be tough. But what if that position is in a town of 5,000 people, 60 miles away from the nearest city? This can present a whole new set of challenges...

This is where APN can help. We will work with you to identify the aspects of the position that will draw people in, and then we will reach out to those people utilizing our network, extensive database, and resources. Our clients are Native American communities facing this exact dilemma. Whether you’re looking for help with COVID response or crisis support, we have the experience and the resources to help.

As government recruiters and tribal health recruiters, we are sensitive to both the regulations and compliance required to work in this sector, and have experience with permanent placements, contract staffing and temp-to-perm

Awareness of Cultural Sensitivities
At APN, we are sensitive to both the culture understandings and government intricacies necessary to be effective in tribal communities. We require members of our team to go through cultural training within the Native American tribes we serve so we can begin to understand the goals and needs of their people and organization. We feel that to successfully recruit people to work in your community, we need to recognize and appreciate your community’s needs and beliefs.

Understanding of the Labor Shortage Across the Nation
The term “labor shortage” doesn’t discriminate across industries. The entire country is experiencing issues with people returning to work, and it is our job to find those people willing and ready to work for you. We’ve been building a network of people within our industry for decades. Our job is to identify opportunities to find and connect with people that hiring managers don’t have the time or resources to find.

Engrained in the Community through Cultural Organizations and Networks
Our active involvement in several Native American organizations, educational seminars and conferences, and networking events provide us with the knowledge and network to understand your needs and recruit for your organization or community. Currently, our very own director of the healthcare recruiting team, Nick Mazur, proudly serves as the President of the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Arizona.

If you are struggling to find the right people for your community, please give contact us today!

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