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At APN Staffing, we see the struggles that hiring managers face every day in today’s labor market. If every person actively looking for a job in the US filled an open position, we’d still have nearly 25% of the open jobs unfilled. And, unfortunately, the hiring managers are the ones feeling the impact of this equation. APN Staffing wants to help with that burden – because at the end of the day, finding the right person to hire, while doing your own job…and sometimes the job of the unfilled position, is just tough!

APN Staffing and Employment Solutions has been working directly with the automotive and transportation industry since 1991. APN stands for “Automotive Personnel Network”. We started as a one-man recruiting agency placing controllers at automotive dealerships and independent shops around the country. Over the years, while our recruiting team grew, so did our ability to staff the entire organization. Today, APN Staffing is one of the few transportation and automotive recruiting firms in the Southwest and country, placing candidates in all areas of the industry.

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general managers
General Managers
automotive technicians
Automotive Technicians
service managers and advisors
Service Managers and Advisors
parts managers and directors
Parts Managers and Directors
payroll clerks
Payroll Clerks
more to offer in the automotive industry
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We want to help you find your next team member. And, if you’re considering a new position in the automotive and transportation industry, we want to help you find your next move.

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