Resume Writing

Increase your impact.

Did you know that your resume has only 8 seconds to make a powerful first impression?

Your resume must aggressively showcase your skills, talents and accomplishments to a potential employer and effectively demonstrate how YOU can contribute to their performance and success. Essentially, your resume must answer the question: Why does the company want to hire YOU, as opposed to every other qualified individual who has also submitted their resume?

Just listing your employment history and education does not tell the potential employer anything different about you than the hundreds of resumes that are being reviewed.

So why should that recruiter or hiring manager contact YOU for an interview instead of anyone else?

We know what employers want, and in the hands of our expert writers, your resume becomes a powerful marketing tool that skillfully conveys the nuances and details necessary to reaching your goals.

To ensure your resume gets the attention you deserve, we will:
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Write a high-impact, job-winning resume.

determine information icon

Determine what information should be emphasized, included or eliminated, based upon your unique circumstances, background and goals.

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Identify keywords and phrasing strategies critical to your resume being selected by both hiring professionals and computer screening systems.

eliminate information icon

Minimize or even eliminate information that results in resumes being screened out. We know a seemingly small oversight is all it takes to miss an opportunity.

If you consider that under-marketing yourself could cost you that next great job in the short run and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career — no other document may be more essential to your future.

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