Covid Crisis Staffing

COVID-19 Crisis Staffing

APN Healthcare office

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a whole new set of challenges that the healthcare world (rather the ENTIRE world) was not prepared for. Much of it came down to one common issue – staffing. As our steadfast healthcare heroes stood on the front line caring for the thousands of COVID-19 patients needing care, they were simultaneously getting exposed, caring for the own family members coming down with virus and more. Overall, between the influx of care needed in the health care system and the reduction in healthcare staff available to help, APN was able to help companies find the missing staff they needed.

From the start of the pandemic through today, we have been providing clients with personnel to assist with their crisis staffing needs, including COVID-19 vaccination teams. We are extremely effective at finding local contractors and quickly moving them through the onboarding process so they can start in a timely manner. Conversely, we also prepare for the inevitable, so our clients don’t have to. Knowing that candidates may not pass the onboarding process, may not show up on their first day or simply not work out in a position, we prepare with back-up candidates so you can be covered in all scenarios.

Our clients trust us to deliver high-quality and reliable staff in a timely manner. If you are company in need of crisis staffing, please give us a call to see how we may be able to help.